Leather & Interior Cleaner

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Leather & Interior Cleaner


Formulated for neglected interiors, our cleaner will strip away oil and dirt easily leaving a matt finish

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SKU: 641-123074.
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Use me for a deep clean

Sam's Method

  1. Ensure all surfaces that you intend to clean are vacuumed fully and all debris has been removed from all small crooks and crannies.


  1. On leather, work in sections. Spray down the surface and use Sam’s Leather Brush to gently scrub the surface. Ensure you use enough product to allow the cleaner to break down the grime and for the dirt to be lifted into the lather. Using an interior microfibre wipe away the lather in one stroke, do not rub the lather back and forth. Once you have completed the first stroke you may then buff off any remaining residue.


  1. On other interior finishes simply spray directly onto the interior microfibre and go over the surface removing the contaminants.

leather and interior cleaner

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Deep cleaning formula

Can be lathered up to work
with leather brushes

Leaves no residue behind

Strips dirt, grime and grease
from interiors



Remember to always test the product on an inconspicuous area first. Ensure all surfaces are vacuumed fully and all debris has been removed.


On leather, work in sections and spray generously over the surface of the leather. Use a detailing brush to gently scrub and lift dirt into the lather and then wipe away with a microfibre


On other interior finishes, simply spray directly onto the microfibre and wipe over the surface to remove any contaminants.


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