Tyre Shine’s Glossy New Makeover

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With a constant need to innovate and a genuine interest in customer opinions, Sam thought it was about high time someone reinvented the common tyre shine. Sure, you might think you’ve found the best tyre shine around, but that’s just because you haven’t tried our new formula yet!

Our new Tyre Shine is glossier than ever, with a crazy high silicone content, this is a show car’s dream. It has a thick and clear consistency. This makes it super reflective and allows the product to be layered, giving even more gloss. Please bare in mind if you do layer the product, remove excess  before driving away to avoid sling.

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The shine lasts about 3 weeks, plenty of time to tide you over between washes. What’s more, it smells great too…providing you like the smell of banana but who doesn’t really??

Please note this product cannot be used on plastic trims, it is for tyres only!

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