Sam’s Detailing Snow Foam Lance: Longtime Lancing

We’ve said that Snow Foam is the perfect pre-wash formula but, what makes it better is actually the device you use it with. Below is all you need to know about Sam’s Snow Foam Lance. You’re welcome!

New and Improved Design

Sam is an innovator and always on that grind to improve every product in our range so, that’s why our Snow Foam Lance recently underwent a makeover. The printed logo has been changed to an embossed logo, for an improved look. We have also upgraded the internals to prevent congealing of Snow Foams when not in use. This includes a completely revised filter!

What is a Snow Foam Lance?

You use a snow foam lance to produce thick foam for the pre-wash stage of the detailing process. This is used together with a pressure washer. It will mix your snow foam formula with water. This is a must-buy product as it goes hand in hand with your snow foam.

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I have the snow foam but need to buy a good lance. Help!

You must remember that a snow foam lance should be reliable to get frothy foams that will cling to your car during the pre-wash. Here are some of the things you need to look for:

First of all, the lance should be made out of 100% brass as this ensures the flow of the water from the pressure washer is consistent and will last a long time

Secondly, get yourself a lance with a high quality mesh filter. This will make your snow foam a lot thicker as poor mesh filters affect the quality of the foam.

Finally, the bottle should have measuring indents or marks as this will make your work 10x better. Trust us!

Can I use the snow foam lance with my car shampoo?

You can and you may but, this will not work as well. It will not make your shampoo any thicker as the snow foam lance is meant to be used with dedicated snow foam products, rather than low foaming shampoos.

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How do I make sure it fits my pressure wash?

Don’t worry! Sam stocks all common adapters for all makes and models so, if you’re unsure then shoot us a picture of your adapter and let our team handle the rest!

Any other tips and suggestions?

Don’t forget to always clean your snow foam lance after use. Sam’s Detailing Snow Foam Lance is durable and can last a really long time as long as you take your time washing it through with plain water.

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