Ceramic Boost #boostyourlife

Get the answers to the four W’s, find out how to use Sam’s Detailing flagship product, Ceramic Boost™ and why it is such a show season stopper (literally, we ran out of stock!)

What is Sam’s Ceramic Boost™?

Ceramic Boost is a spray on, wash off formula that gives your car an instant coat of protection, utilising the latest in SiO2 technology. For those non-chemists out there, it stands for Silicon Dioxide, a chemical which bonds instantly with the paintwork, giving your car instant protection with minimal effort.

Why Ceramic Boost

It’s super easy to apply, protection is second to none, it keeps your car cleaner for longer and water sheeting makes drying your car a doddle.

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Where do I apply this product?

Ceramic Boost can bond to any surface including paintwork, windows and wheels.

How to apply

Ensure the vehicle is completely cool (not just the temperature lol)

Apply the product to a wet or dry surface, conservatively.

Pressure wash off thoroughly, follow up with an open hose to get rid of all surface water. Ceramic boost does not require a curing time.

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How often should I apply Ceramic Boost?

At the end of September as the weather gets more gloomy! The protection will help keep your car cleaner for longer and speed up your winter wash as grime will have a harder time sticking to the paintwork. You can also use it in summer as a quick detailer, just to keep that Ceramic Coating topped up!

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