Sam’s Clay Lube: Formulated The Right Way

For both seasoned and novice detailers, decontaminating is the first objective when detailing your car. In some cases however, fallout and other particles just won’t budge when washing. This is why you need Sam’s Clay Lubricant and Clay Bar.

You’re probably wondering what a clay bar actually is? Clay bars are used in conjunction with our clay lubricant to make your paintwork slick. It does this by removing invisible surface contamination. The clay lubricant allows the clay bar to glide across your vehicle. Our clay bars are elasticated, allowing them to easily mould around your cars panels after which, they can be stretched, rolled and reused.

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If you’ve already got your detailing clay, then you’ll need a Clay Lubricant, specifically Sam’s Clay Lubricant!

A good clay lubricant should:

Have a gel-like formula – This provides a longer cling time than thinner formulas so, you don’t have to continuously spray lubricant throughout the session.

Be ready to use and super slippery. – In other words, a clay lubricant that does the job for you.
Sam’s formulation will do just this! It clings well to paintwork but at the same time allows your clay bar to glide easily over your car, without marring it.

Sam’s Detailing Clay Lubricant is safe to use on all types of paintwork and compatible with any clay bar within your arsenal.

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How to use:

Grab yourself some clay lube and a clay bar. Start by spraying the clay lube onto a section of the contaminated surface. With the clay bar, gently rub the lubricated area. This should be done in a side-to-side or up and down motion, not circular! (Lol) When you’re done with a particular area, make sure to use Sam’s Microfiber towel to wipe off the excess clay lube.

Sam’s Tip: Re-shape your clay bar after finishing every section, so that there is  a fresh surface exposed. You wouldn’t want to scratch your paintwork with the existing contaminants on the bar!

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