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Cleaning your wheels can be a pain if you’re not sure which brushes to use but, don’t worry, over here at Sam’s Detailing we’ve got you covered!

So, you’ve finally decided to make the effort and clean your wheels today, but the mere thought of reaching down to get all those nooks and crannies is really demotivating. Keeping your car detailed can be difficult at times but, getting products that really work doesn’t have to be!:

Flexible Alloy Brushes

Introducing Sam’s Flexible alloy brushes! The brushes comes in two sizes, regular and mini and are suited to all wheel finishes. Getting into all the crevices of your wheel is made easy as, the “stem” is made out of alloy making it super flexible. This will help you clean those hard to reach places, such as your barrels.

The brushes also come with a protective rubber guard; some people may say this is not useful and unnecessary however, Sam disagrees. The protective rubber guard prevents water and wheel soap from dripping down the handle onto your hands. It also protects your knuckles if you push too far! Holding a slippery brush will not do you any good and will most likely prolong the cleaning process!

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Sam’s Lambswool Brushes

For those detailers who like to really go the extra mile on their delicate wheels, these brushes will suit you well! They come in three different sizes and are perfect for more delicate, alloy wheels. The brushes are made out of pure lambswool and the handle is a hard, sturdy plastic. They are great for cleaning your caliper, exhaust tips, and other hard to clean areas.

Both brushes are designed for frequent detailing with long-term usage. Sam suggests pairing it with some of Sam’s Wheel Cleaner which, works brilliantly with the brushes.

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