Detailing Must-have: Sam’s Rubber and Trim Dressing

Let’s break down the basics for you; as well as the complexity of choosing and applying Sam’s Rubber and Trim Dressing, why it is a detailing must have?

So, why do I need this product?

Admit it, your car is one of your most prized possessions. Detailing your tyres and trims will make the world of difference and separates a clean car and from an exceptional one. Our Rubber and Trim Dressing allows you to choose whether your want your rubber and trim to be glossy, satin or matt.

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What is the difference between solvent based and water based products?

Solvent based dressings tend to be a bit old fashioned. They’re glossy, liquid based and synthetic. Long term overuse can cause cracking of the tyres however, these products have the advantage of longevity. Water-based formulas are more natural as the main silicone carrier is water. They are more suited to plastics as well as tyres. Between the two, Sam suggests you go with a water-based formulation and obviously, we suggest our very own Rubber and Trim Dressing!

Moving onto Tyre Sling, what is it?

Tyre sling is when you can see annoying and ugly spots stuck to your paintwork, usually caused by the residue of your rubber and trim dressing. This tends to happen when the application is rushed or poorly applied. You have been warned. Apply the product sparingly and really work it in with Sam’s Tyre Dressing Applicator.

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Sam’s 5 step method:

1: Make sure your tyres and trims are clean, cool and dry.

2: Apply two or three beads of the product on to your applicator.

3: Spread the dressing on ⅓ of the tyre at a time. Work the applicator from side to side when working on the tire’s curve and in an up and down manner for the details of the tire.

4: Repeat this process for the rest of the tire

5: Keep your applicator in a dry zip lock bag as there will still be remaining product on the applicator which, fresh application will reactivate. This will save you time and money!

Sam’s Tip: Use a different applicator for each product. Using the same applicator is such a rookie mistake and should be avoided at all costs. Applicators used for wax products and for your Rubber and Trim Dressing must be different.  

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